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Clop: If I was on the pitch instead of Lovren, the ball would not get to Kane for the second goal

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop demonstrated his disappointment with another weak performance of his team in defeat, which led to Tottenham`s heavy loss. According to the German, only his team is to blame for this result.

The Clop also concretises Deyan Lovren`s unpleasant appearance at the second goal of the Spurs. Croatian mistakes have led to his replacement in the first half, and the manager commented that even he would do better in the episode in question. The whole game according asian handicap stats and the result in it is our fault: Tottenham played well, but we made things too easy for them, the first goal came after a weak touch that we were absent in. It was a bad, bad, bad defense. The second came after a counterattack in which the ball went past Deyan Lovren and then it was too late. If I was in this situation on the pitch, the ball would not go to Kane. `Kane assisted Son after Lovren had missedwith the ball. ) The third goal - we made a foul, which was our fault again. s for the second ball. In the fourth we lost the second, third ball. . . Their desire was just a great day, `said Klopp bitterly.

Blog of soccer stats

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