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How did Simon come out of the shadow of his brother Pipo Indzagi

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This is an impossible task, but eventually Lazio made it possible. For more than two years now, Juventus has been invincible in Turin;a powerful, unshakable force with six consecutive Serie A titles behind her.
No one actually expected his royal record to be terminated so unceremoniously. But Lazio`s camp was quiet. We have achieved something remarkable tonight -;said Simone Indzagi after a 1-2 win. And it really was. It felt like a turning point, like turning a new page. -;This result will remain in the history of the club.
There is still work to be done in Lazio. The team is experiencing a frugal, exciting miniaturization under the guidance of its coach Inzaghi, but the discerning young specialist does not want to spend too much time enjoying the famous victory over the champion. After that, for the first time, Lazio has been mentioned for the first time with the elite of Italian football, and in the heart of recent success lies Indzagi, coming out of the shadow of his older brother.
Filippo and Simon were born in the small village of San Nicolo, a stone`s throw from Piacenza. Philippo, or as always gallant they called it -;Pippo, is three years older than Simone. But the little one, eight years old, becomes the captain of the team in which his father plays. Simone then demonstrated the readiness and qualities of a leader, and an eye for the detail. The boy`s companions notice that he can tell the name of each player in each team, their strengths and weaknesses, and their favorite positions on the pitch.

Pippo, on the other hand, has only one mind. He scores goals, many goals, and eventually becomes a professional footballer. Simone walks in his footsteps, but he feels he`s always a step back. The two San Nicolo boys grew tall, with distinctive dark long hair and distinctive styles of play. Both are attackers, both are talented, but their brothers` rivalry never reaches high levels of jealousy. Instead, they always look to support themselves. As a small one, Pipo is regularly a mule from the neighborhood to play for their teams, as guaranteed to wear goals. His mother, however, always insists: I will only play if Simon plays.
Well, Simone plays and the brothers learn to work in a team. Their connection is far from the most famous of the famous brotherly rivalries in Italy -;of Romulus and Rem. Yes, although it is not possible for Simone to be sorry that the rise of Pippo to the summit is faster than his, and that his habit is always mentioned, so far, in connection with his brother.
When Pipo signed with Juventus in 1997, Simon was still in the third echelon with Bresello. A year later, however, he won a contract with Piacenza, and the next one signed with Lazio. Both clubs predicted by soccer goals video are in Serie A, both of them named in Italian football, but Pipo continues to gain more recognition and praise. And this is understandable: at the end of his glamorous career he has won three times the squad, two Champions League and once the World Cup. Simone`s achievements are one Serie A title, two Italian Cups and one Supercup of Europe. He scored significantly less goals than his brat, playing only three games for?

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