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Clop talks again about Lovren

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A few days after his wrath to Deyan Lovren, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop seems a bit more relaxed. Last weekend, the defender made two mistakes in the match mentioned by today soccer games against Tottenham and was removed in the first half and the coach said that even if he was on the field, he would not have allowed such a gaffer, referring to the second goal. This week was not the best for Deyan, but that`s life, `said the German expert. - Ultimately, however, this is just one game and we must be aware that one is not getting better or worse because of a mistake in a football match. When I think of Lovren, I can point out a lot more positive things about him than the negative ones. He is a Liverpool player and I treat him as a member of our family. It is clear that I will help him, if necessary. Everything is right with him. He worked very well during the week. In general, I do not pay attention to past battles. It`s all about what`s ahead of us.

Klap talks about the sea of extreme ratings that poured on Lovren on social networks. I would say that it is quite difficult to deal with what is written in social networks. That`s why I do not use them. Even to be honest - I have no idea what people use, the manager added.

Tomorrow Liverpool adopts the newcomer Huddersfield, who in the last round defeated Manchester United. Philippe Kouttinho`s involvement is questionable because of back pain. Klop explained that the Brazilian would decide the last minute.

The coach said nicely to young Ben Woodburn, who has signed a new contract these days: He`s already knocking on the door of the first team. The fact that the boy is tied to us is an excellent sign and shows that he believes in our project. Ben wishes to stay even knowing that it will be difficult to impose immediately.

Rhein Brewster (b. R. - ranked England (up to 17) in the final of the SP in India after a hat-trick against Brazil in the semifinals) is next. It`s good to be part of the development of these two boys. When you score three goals, it`s hard to keep it secret. Brewster was with us last season, but he was injured and was gone for three months. When he returned, he looked completely different: I was already seeing a man, and a little beard. As a man Rheen resembles Woodward - never thinks about which team he is playing.

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