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Vidal revealed the worst moment in his career

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Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal said he was still extremely disappointed by Chile`s failure in world qualifications. The Chileans finished in 6th place in the South American qualifiers and did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals.

`The toughest moment in my career is the end of last year when we did not win the national teamwe were qualified for the World Cup, a period when I experienced a lot of negative emotions, I was squeezed both physically and emotionally, fortunately, then I rested and now I am back loaded with a desire to win in every game, `Vidal said. The Chilean has 16 matches from online soccer stream and 5 goals in the Bundesliga since the start of the season. However, he is not a permanent champion and is said to be able to move to Chelsea in the summer.

Blog of soccer stats

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