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A bunch absent for PSG, but Neymar will be on line against Lille

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Paris coach Saint Germain Unay Emery will not be able to use several major players for the upcoming Lille visit today. In the group of 18 players did not come Kylian Mabe, Adrien Rabio and Julian Draxler.

Mbappe is punished for this fight because of the red card he received at the League Cup Wenger meeting this week. His punishment may even be increased after his expulsion is reviewed by the Disciplinary Commission next Thursday. Draxler has been complaining of back pain since the game mentioned by soccer predictions with Montpellier last weekend and for that reason missed Ren`s visit during the week. He is not yet recovered and the coaching staff will give him additional rest. Rabbi had a thigh injury at one of the last training sessions. The team`s physicians have determined that his condition is not good enough to travel to today`s match. Still for coach Emery has good news and it is for the return of Daniel Alves and Tiago Silva. The first one suffered a three-game penalty for the red card with a loss of 1:2 from Lyon. The second one was recovered from an injury and also fell into the mentor`s list.

Until yesterday, there was a doubt about Neymar`s participation in the game. He also treated the trauma, and it was not clear whether he would be able to play against Lille, but apparently his condition was good enough and he was also included in the group.

Blog of soccer stats

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