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60 years from the darkest day in Mann`s history, the world remembers the babies of Busby

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The date February 6 is forever sealed in the minds of people who are somehow connected to Manchester United, and why not everyone who likes the game, regardless of club affiliations. Just over 60 years ago, on the darkest day in the history of `red devils`, eight of the most talented footballers of English football are killed. This is happening in the terrible plane crash in Munich after the 1/4-finals of the CASE against the Red Star. Besides the eight `Babys` babies, a total of 23 people find their death. Three of them are from Manchester United headquarters, and eight are journalists who reflect the team`s performance. An unmatchable part of the whole story is the way Matt Busby manages to build a new team that ten years later wins the European Champions Cup. Part of this lineup is also Bobby Charlton, who is among the survivors during the terrible catastrophe in Munich. During the day there are planned events with which the club from online soccer stream will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the tragedy.

Part of Manchester United`s current stars, Ander Herrera, Jesse Linggard, and Marcus Rashford, took part in a reunion clip featuring fans and fans reciting emotional verses in memory of those who `will never be forgotten. `Here are the names of the fallen `Red Devils`:Roger Burne (28)
Eddie Coleman (21)
Mark Jones (24)
David Peg (22)
Tommy Taylor26)
Jeff Bent (25)
Liam Willin (22)
Duncan Edwards (21)

* Duncan Edwards dies from his wounds in hospital 15 days after the unfortunate accident

Traditionally big rivals LiverpoolManchester City also expressed their sympathy and paid tribute to the victims.

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