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Did Brozovic finish with Inter?

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Inter and Marcelo Brozovic`s streets are increasingly split as the Croatian midfielder once again shows his total disgrace to the black-and-blue fans. The situations in which the midfielder provokes the booing of Inter fans is becoming more and more. It can be said that his shoots have already surpassed the allowance, and the most logical thing would be if the Nerazzur split up with his player in the summer.

We`ll start from a distance. Less than a year ago Inter finished equally with Milan (2:2) on Easter after leading 2:0 ten minutes before the end. This draw was perceived by black-blue fans as a total failure, and the mood after it was rather minor. But that did not prevent Brozovich from uploading a photo in Insgramm, exposing a party with friends in a pool, and in the background San Siro. His unprofessionalism was also goodbye to a photo cart with a shopping cart that had piles and pizza boxes that he, without any worries, had re-entered the social networks. But the Croatian shoots do not end here. Borobusch was driven to a poor condition in Croatia after he had gone red with his luxury Ferrari. The club mentioned by soccer-stats did not want to comment on the incident, but only a few days later the midfielder was the team member of Roberto Mancini. Marcello Brozowic is in a strained relationship with a lot of Inter fans. He never managed to get into their hearts with a good game and attitude towards the club. There is no other way. The midfielder was considered one of Croatian football`s biggest talents. However talented he is, he can not be a major competitor for the non-raids. Not for the future! His last two draws were in the home games of Inter with Kroton and Bologna. Croatian was replaced by Luciano Spaleti twice, in the first case reacting rather violently to his change, and against the team of Donadoni cheerfully applauds Giuseppe Meazza. It`s as if Brozovich`s adventure in Inter, which started in January 2015, is over soon if it`s not over.

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