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Yornete: Cane approaches Tottenham to the level of Real

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Tottenham is not too far from Real Madrid, and this is due to Harry Kanee, said striker Fernando Iorente before the clash against the European club champion.

`We have great players, and we have Harry Kane, who makes every touch of the ball in goal. ` There is no big difference between the best teams in Europe, including Tottenham, `he said.

Yorente helped Juventus eliminate Real Madrid from the Champions League in the 2014/2015 season and believes Tottenham can also find holes in the defense of the Spaniards. `You just have to keep your best players under control, and you can not always strive to take them away because they are now much better in possession and dangerous on the counter, ` he added.

`They have a very good team and are very effective, they can solve the game from online soccer stream in minutes, but you can always have a chance to attack them, ` said Spaniard Tottenham.

Blog of soccer stats

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