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Chaos in the NCAA after the Sabbath of Surprises

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America has missed a historic day for college football. Ten minutes did not come for the first time since 1966, the first three teams in the rankings to one to lose. The day set off with Georgia`s first defeat. The Eastern Division champions of the Southeast Conference were smashed 40:17 during their visit to Auburn. The bulldozers found the score, then allowed 30 free points and prepared for their fall in the rankings. Fourteen touchdowns were added to the Auburn Quarterback, one by land, and Daniel Carlson scored 54, 37, 30 and 37 yards.
The victory of the Tigers guaranteed a direct match mentioned by contact with soccer stats for the title of the Western Division with Alabama on November 25th. The leaders in the Associated Press`s list slipped out of the way to visit the Mississippi State. Ten minutes before the end of the season the champions were lagging behind with seven points, but Damien Harris and Devonte Smith scored 14 defeats for the 31:24 victory.
Besides Alabama, three more teams in the First Division continue without loss. Miami (9-0) resurrected their gangster years (aa - hurricanes were investigated by the FBI and punished in 2013 with scholarships for underworld connections), performing true hell first in the dressing room, and thenthis and the terrain for Notre for the success with 41: 8.
Wisconsin (10-0) allowed Iowa 66 yards in an attack on the 38:14 victory, ranking the badgers in the Big Ten final. A Central Florida registered their ninth consecutive victory in 2017 with a 49:24 routine against Connecticut.

Stanford -;(9) Washington 30: 22

(24) Iowa State -;(12) Oklahoma State 42: 49

(11) Ohio State -;(13) Michigan State 48: 3

(16) Penn State -;Rutgers 35: 6

(14) Central Florida -;Connecticut 49: 24

Georgia Tech -;(17) Virginia Tech 28: 22

(4) Clemson -;Florida 31: 14

(6) Wisconsin -;(25) Iowa 38: 14

(10) Auburn -;(2) Georgia 40: 17

Colorado -;(15) USC 24: 38

Kansas State -;(23) West Virginia 23: 28

Maryland -;(21) Michigan 10: 35

Utah -;(19) Washington State 25: 33

(18) Mississippi State -;(1) Alabama 24: 31

(7) Miami -;(3) Notre Dame 41: 8

(5) Oklahoma -;(8) Texas Crisis 38:20

Blog of soccer stats

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