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How many t-shirts did Neymar sell for one month?!

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The record-breaking historical transfer of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain has caused a furor among fans of the Parisians, who have bought a record number of t-shirts with the name of the Brazilian footballer. After the announcement of the first major deal, the club sold over 10 000 units of the shirt with no. 10. For 30 days, the sales amounted to more than 120 000 t-shirts. They brought nearly 9 million euros to the club mentioned by soccer predictions who definitely noticed an increase in the sales by 75% compared to the last year.

At `Parc des Princes`, however, they worry that they can be in such a situation not to be able to satisfy the high demand of fans, as the initially ordered batch is already over, and the next one will be available in November.

Blog of soccer stats

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