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Shamehall`s own squirt took off the tension on Watford

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Christmas brought the expected breath of breath for Watford, who was in a series of four consecutive losses in the Premiership. Today the horns defeated former Leicester Leicester 2-1 on Victory Road, as it happened after the goalkeeper`s goal Kasper Schmeichel in the 65th minute. Before the break, the teams had exchanged one shot. The duel faced two opposing teams against each other. The hosts had lost five of their last six matches while the 2016 champions enjoyed four successes for that period. The breakers started more solidly and had a game of superiority, but only luck saved them from Jamie Vardi`s shot in the 26th minute. Then the attacker was taken alone against goalkeeper Aurelio Gomez, but his attempt to technical shot ended with the ball out. The guests, however, did not miss their next big chance and led in the 37th minute. Then Mark O`Brienton put the ball on the head of Maresz on the far beam and followed an accurate shot in the net. Only two minutes later, Richard was able to equalize after crossing Schmeichel, but then he could not hit the empty door.

Watford still managed to score a goal after 45 minutes after completing Mola Wag`s lead after a corner.

However, the half-time was not over and the turn was in the lead, but in the added time Ricarlisson did not have a chance again after he hit the beam. In the second part, Watford again was the more forceful team, but reached a hit with a certain amount of luck. In the 65th minute, Abdulai Doukure caught the ball to Schmeichel`s door, which pushed her into the door. The use of the golfing technology had to be confirmed, which confirmed that it was a goal. Two minutes before, Leicester`s defender Alexander Dragovic was furious with the referee, who could safely pick up a second yellow card.

Fox`s efforts to catch up have led to some stirring, the most dangerous being in the 86th minute. Then, within a few seconds, Gomez consistently hit Wes Morgan and Leonardo Wyoa.

After this meeting Leicester is ahead of Watford in the standings, but the difference is now only 2 points. The Marathon for Claude Pueell`s game from online soccer stream continues with a new visit - Liverpool on December 30th, and then the current rival accepts Swansea.


Blog of soccer stats

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